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Update: Complete Club Closure 24/03/2020

Decision to close the club completely.

Following recent government advice, the closure of the club has been extended to include all open access except for services such as telecommunication tower staff (classed as essential services). The closure is effective from 0900 Tuesday 24th of March 2020 until restriction are relaxed by Government.

The situation is being monitored daily and updates will be provided as needed to keep you informed.

The decision to close the club was not taken lightly and was done to assist with keeping our members and their families free from this very contagious virus.

Range Access

The closure of our club across all scheduled competition days (Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday evenings) has previously been communicated.

Today’s decision is to close the club in its entirety – that includes all open access visits, security training bookings and range use by the Site Pistol Club.   In effect, the only activity that will take place within the grounds of the club will be some maintenance work which the committee will progress with given the opportunity to do so while the ranges are vacant.

This situation will be reviewed daily and in line with current Government advice.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting which was set down for 15 July is at this time postponed until a date to be determined in September.   This plan is based on Government advice that current restrictions are estimated to be in effect for six months.   Should the situation change, revised plans will be communicated.

Working Bee Requirement         

Given the reduced opportunity to achieve the required 8 hours of working bee effort, the requirement has been reduced to only 4 hours for this year’s membership renewals.

Fee Relief

The club financial year ends 31 May, membership renewals are normally prepared and despatched to members mid-April each year.   Membership this year will be extended until we have been able to determine a firm date for an Annual General Meeting.   When the accounts are prepared, the OPC portion of your renewal will be reduced pro rata, based on the number of months that the club facilities have been unavailable to you.


The VAPA (along with other likeminded organisations) have lobbied Victoria Police to reduce or remove Handgun Participation Requirements for the year 2020.   LRD have acknowledged the issue and are currently in talks with the Department of Justice.   Advice will be delivered to members as soon as anything firm is known.

License Renewals

Handgun license renewals fall due whilst the club is closed - email the secretary at   and arrangements will be made for the club endorsement to be provided.   For members who have not already organised a current club ID card which would support their renewal application, a letter certifying your membership of the Oakleigh Pistol Club will also be provided.

Kind Regards Bob

Robert A. Lester


Oakleigh Pistol Club



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