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The Committee are constantly working on your behalf to secure funding to improve the facilities at the Oakleigh Pistol Club. Successful grants are detailed below.

Stage 1: Baffle Improvement Project

The Shooting Sports Facilities Program is a Victorian Government funding initiative that provides support for projects that improve the quality and sustainability of shooting sports facilities and activities.

Oakleigh Pistol club has been successful in receiving funding for our Baffle Improvement Project.

The improved baffling will open our facilities to a wider range of shooting matches, including those that are growing in popularity.

Stage 1 of the improvement project will consist of new baffles from the 25 meter mark, on ranges 1, 2 and E through H.

Perspective - Range G-H

Stage 2: Baffle Improvement Project

Stage 2 of the Baffle Improvement Project will consist of new baffles from the 25 metre mark, on ranges 3, 4 and A through D.

On completion of the project all ranges will have improved baffles, making our facilities more attractive for local, state and national competitions.

As construction is due to commence in early 2023, we will be working hard to ensure that the inconvenience to Club members is minimised.

Oakleigh Pistol Club is thankful for the support of the Victorian Government.

Environmental Management Plan

In addition to the Baffle Improvement Project, the OPC Grants Team have received funding to develop an Environmental Management Plan to continue to minimise the Clubs impact on the Community and the Environment.

The plan has been delivered and implemented.

Oakleigh Pistol Club acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government

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