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Open Access Rules



1. Oakleigh Pistol Club members who have applied for and been granted “Open Access” may attend the range outside of normal opening hours. Open Access visits are restricted to the hours of sunrise through 2100 only.

2. Members holding open access may bring a visitor with them on an open access visit, however any visitor MUST:

(a) Hold a Current Handgun License.
(b) Be a financial member of a VAPA affiliated Pistol Club.
(c) Be in possession of a valid VAPA ID card.
(c) If not an OPC member, pay a range fee – the OPC member being responsible for collecting that fee and ensure the payment is received by the club at the next opportunity.

3. Your open access key will provide access to the front gate, the ranges, timer boxes and toilets. It will not provide you with access to the club rooms. The $30.00 key deposit is refundable at the time you return the key; payment will be made via EFT to a nominated account. The fee to replace a lost key is $30.00.

4. On entering the club property, the front gate must be closed behind you and the red flag must be raised (during daylight hours) prior to commencement of shooting. During hours of darkness, there is no need to raise the flag, the red light above the range doors signifies that the range is in use. The flag and the open access attendance book are in a storage area in the outdoor eating area. You must sign the open access book, enter the time of arrival, and include the details of any guest you have with you. You will need to enter the time of departure at the conclusion of your visit and sign out.

5. Oakleigh Pistol Club Range Regulations are posted on all ranges and must be complied with during all open access visits. You should note that the club complex is under constant video surveillance and any breach of Range Regulations detected will be acted upon by the Committee.

6. At the completion of shooting, you are to pack away all equipment used, remove all rubbish, and used targets to a rubbish bin located on the range, turn off lighting and the compressor (if used) lock the range, return the flag to its storage area, and close the front gate on your way out.

7. The privilege of Open Access is not to be used by members to conduct activities for personal financial gain, e.g. Private coaching / tuition. Activities of this type require a range to be booked with the Club Secretary and will be subject to the current range hire fee.

8. As open access is available until 2100, you may extend your shooting day past normal club hours on Saturday afternoons, however you must inform the duty committee member of your intention to do and accept responsibility for the lock up procedure. Open access can’t be used to extend your shooting time on Wednesday evenings.

9. Any breach of these rules will result in an immediate suspension of open access in the first instance. Should further breaches be observed, the privilege of open access will be removed permanently.

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