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Oakleigh Pistol Club or OPC is based in Melbourne South-East, we have been around since the 1950’s. We are an inclusive club that caters to all shooting abilities. We are affiliated with various shooting organisations, like IPSC, ICORE, ISSF, PA and VAPA. And facilitate many shooting disciplines including practical and dynamic pistol, rifle and shotgun competitions.


Ready, aim, join the fun!

something for everyone

From handguns to shotguns

We run a variety of shooting matches. From air pistols and classic target pistols, to fast and dynamic competitions such as pistols, mini-rifle (22LR) and shotgun IPSC.


OPC hosts a huge number of pistol events. From air pistols and classic target pistols, to various Service matches, and dynamic fast paced competitions. more


On the range OPC members can use pistol and rimfire calibre rifles. Including competing in practical IPSC Mini-Rifle competitions.


On the range OPC members can use shotguns on a variety of steel targets and participate in practical IPSC Shotgun matches. more…

Competition Overview


IPSC is a dynamic and fast paced competition using semi-automatic pistols. A typical match involves running, multiple reloads, shooting from dynamic positions through barricades, at paper and different types of steel targets. more…


This discipline very similar, although not the same, as IPSC. With one major difference being that ICORE is shot with modern revolvers. This is a dynamic fast paced competition, using a combination of paper, steel and moving targets. While factoring in both – shooters speed and accuracy. more…

Practical (IPSC) Mini-Rifle (22LR)

Practical Rifle or IPSC Mini-Rifle is a very similar discipline to IPSC handgun and shotgun events. It is shot with 22LR calibre rifles and has a few minor differences to other IPSC matches. more…

Practical (IPSC) Shotgun

On the range OPC members can use shotguns on a variety of steel targets and participate in practical IPSC Shotgun matches. more…

Service And Classic Pistols

These matches were the first to break away from the traditional one-handed shooting. They are shot from 7m to 50m and involve rapid fire, multitudes of positions and barricades. more…

Western (Cowboy) Action

Yipikayay! In this match you are the Sheriff! Competitors use the ‘Old West’ props, outfits and firearms (single action revolver, shotgun, lever action rifle) to compete with all three firearms. more…

Black Powder Pistols

Smoke and fire! These are super fun competitions. These competitions are shot from 25m or 50m distance using vintage or original black powder revolvers. more…

Target and Air (ISSF) Pistols

ISSF is a traditional target shooting discipline, using, air, 22LR rimfire & centrefire pistols. It focusing on precision and is typically shot from a single position at 10m (air pistol), 25m and 50m ranges. more…

Simpson Rd, Clayton South
Melbourne, VIC 3169

0418 477 392