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Interstate Airline Travel

Qantas & Jetstar

In accordance with dangerous goods regulations, the carriage of ammunition requires the approval of the airline (operator). This approval is valid on the Qantas/Jetstar network.

To request a written approval, the following information must be emailed to

  • The passenger’s full name;
  • The passengers firearms license number; 
  • The firearms license expiry date;

NOTE: A copy of the approval must be carried and presented during check-in.

Qantas & Jetstar Network Information Document

Virgin Australia

Virgin only requires you to let them know at checkin that you are travelling with firearms and/or ammunition. They will tag your bags and walk you down to oversized luggage. You will hand your luggage with firearms and/or ammunition to the security guard there.


Tigerair does not permit the carriage of firearms and. or ammunition in either carry-on or checked baggage or on ones person.

International Travel

There are main 3 parts that are required for travel with your firearms & ammunition for international competitions.

All permits are done thru the Department of Defence and Australian Border Force (ABF).

Step 1:

Step 2:

May be completed anytime prior to export

Step 3:

Complete a DEC07 Restricted Goods Permit form and provide completed form, plus all relevant documents to ABF, including:

  • Current Firearms Licence
  • Certificate(s) of Registration for all firearms
  • Evidence of identity documents

May be completed up to 28 days prior to departure

Step 4:

Prior to export present your RGP form along with the goods to ABF for physical examination at the international port of departure.

Can only be completed on the day of departure at the international port of departure

Important Note:

  • Most international airlines require you to acquire approval to fly with firearms from the airline itself. You will need to call or email the airline to receive this approval. This step can be done straight after booking your flights.
  • All airlines comply with ATAR regulations that restrict flying with ammunition to a maximum of 5kgs.
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