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I am new. How do I join?

1. Send an email Oakleigh Pistol Club to introduce yourself (contact us).

2. Schedule an in-person visit to the club, an essential step to explore our facilities, discuss membership fees, meet our members and committee, and address any queries you may have.

3. Submit your completed OPC membership application form (download membership application form) via email to [email protected]. Include two character references, passport-style photo (smiles are welcome) and required police checks.

4. Receive an email acknowledgment confirming the receipt of your application

5. Your application will be reviewed by the OPC committee, this occurs during their monthly meeting.

6. If your membership is accepted, you will receive a booking email for the next available Handgun Safety Course (typically held monthly). This is an essential course for all new members.

7. Following the Handgun Safety Course, the next essential stage in your membership journey is the Pistol Shooting Fundamentals Course. You will receive a booking email for the next available Pistol Shooting Fundamentals course.

8. Apply for your provisional handgun licence. A provisional Category H handgun licence is generally held for 6 months before you are eligible to apply for full licence.

9. Complete five supervised shoots (over a minimum of separate six days) to be eligible to apply for your Category H handgun license (new member supervision).

10. Apply for your full handgun licence. At this stage you will require a ‘letter of support’ from the club and your valid membership card.

Simpson Rd, Clayton South
Melbourne, VIC 3169

0418 477 392